In the new agile world Six sigma+lean still contributes significantly to organizational success

Life of the 6sigma team reached a new chapter during the summer, when they personally received their Black Belt and Master Black Belt TÜV certification from Péter Somos – Senior Manager of UMS Consulting GMBH – , in the presence of Erik Slooten – Managing Director of DT-ITS and Eva Csilla Belley – Head of Transformation Office.

This event is a milestone for the team, moreover it is significant for Deutsche Telekom IT Solution to have trained professionals in this field as well.

 „6Sigma is not just a certificate, it is a way of thinking, analysing and improving your company. It is our strong believe that building up a key competence in this world of thinking is a competitive differentiator. More and more we see stakeholders from around the group look to DT ITS Hungary for their strategic competences. We are very proud of our team of 6Sigma blackbelts – we count on them for our own improvement as well as delivering high end competence towards the rest of the group”

Erik Slooten – Managing Director


In 2017 four Green Belt, and one Black Belt certified colleagues formed a Six Sigma consultant team to support the executives at a strategic level.


“6S provides benefits for the company in several ways. It helps employees because they can work in a more efficient processes ,supports management in decision-making and in cost saving, moreover it benefits the customer since voice of the customer is always considered.

In addition, current strategies, decisions (eg operational excellence, new normal, culture of measurement) and the growing need for digitization and process/service improvement/redesign give importance to six sigma methodology and justify their necessity.

A lot of companies hire professionals from outside for a project, so we are very proud to have our own experts”

Éva Csilla Belley – Head of Transformation Office


The team accomplished the Black Belt and Master Black Belt training at the same time within the framework of UMS. During the journey so far, project management and consulting skills were developed, experience gained using process and system improvement/redesign methodologies, since six sigma can be used not only in production but also in IT services.

„This new Black Belt and the Master Black Belt certifications are not only the acknowledgment for continuous and significant Business improvements at T-Systems, it is also the prove how a former well adapted central DT initiative like Six Sigma +Lean can still significantly contribute to the individual organization’s success.

Congratulations to the Belts!”

Péter Somos – senior manager of UMS GMBH


UMS Consulting has started the design and implementation of the Business Excellence Program (BEX) in 2006 at T-Mobile. In 2008 the program became one of the standard methodologies for Improvements at Deutsche Telekom providing a pragmatic approach for problems in complex environments like at T-Systems.

It opened numerous opportunities for other DT Organizations in the form of training, coaching, consulting, and exchanging good practices worldwide.

Within the BEX framework, many initiatives and programs have been rolled out and boosted the overall effectivity and efficiency at Deutsche Telekom e.g.

  • LEAN Six Sigma for process and product improvements at existing and new products (like HomeNet, 3G and 4G design and rollouts),
  • Own Shop Productivity (reduction walk out rate, boost efficiency and revenue)
  • Design to Cost and Value (like Data Centre setup and design)