Special prize for DT-ITS Smarties – Digital bites of HR application

2024 05 08

In the Data Driven category of the HRBEST award, DT-ITS won a special prize for its innovation, Smarties – Digital bites of HR, that lays the foundations for data-driven recruitment with practical solutions.

The key aspects of Kincentric’s special award were data-driven thinking, measurability and the continuous and conscious integration of results into a company’s programme. The DT-ITS Smarties – Digital bites of HR application focuses on three main areas: the implementation of a new ATS system, Business Intelligence solutions and data-driven communications and advertising.

HRBEST was established in 2019, and at the award ceremony in April 20 entries were awarded out of 90 submitted professional applications.

Every year, we recognise exemplary, ground-breaking HR professional solutions with the help of a prestigious jury of experts. We award projects that make companies more successful, the world of work more liveable and more human” /Gergely Tóth, founder of HR Fest and co-founder of HRBEST/


Source: https://hrbest.hu/2023-dijazottak/