Focus areas

Cloud Services

Our goal is to offer our international clients a wide range of the latest IT services in both German and English. We are committed to providing the highest degree of flexibility in a stable organizational environment. To achieve this goal, we have developed a framework that allows our employees to self-learn and self-develop, preparing them for future challenges.Read more

Digital Enablers

Digital Enablers is an umbrella term that covers many areas at DT-ITS. In addition to the DevOps and automation that dominate today, it encompasses a wide range of project management services, an order management portfolio that ranges from classic activities to SDM support to actual service management.
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IT Security

IT Security is a fascinating field for many reasons. On one hand, it’s always a new challenge to keep up with new threats that are constantly emerging. This results in a dynamically changing work environment, a strong team spirit and a fundamental need for continuous improvement.
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Information is the most important resource of the 21st century, and telecommunications networks are the means by which this resource is accessed, whether it is voice or data. That is why we are particularly proud of our work in operating these networks.
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