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You matter to us

What matters to you?

Writing software for self-driving trucks.

Trucks don't learn to drive by themselves unless we write software for them! We are very proud that we can also contribute to road safety with this.What we do?

Health insurance for everyone.

Your well-being is important to us too. Should any issues arise, it's crucial for us to provide you with the necessary health insurance support.Health

8 days of professional training per year.

Who wouldn't want to keep growing? Our colleagues attend over 40,000 training days every year, which is roughly 8 days per person!Learning

Photo course for your squad.

Here, you have the opportunity to discover new hobbies and communities. For instance, you can learn photography, and from professionals, no less!Community Programs

Office or home office?

We love our offices, but many of our team members often work from home. After all, things can progress just as effectively in a home office.Travel

E-bike fleet.

Not much of a car person? Hop on a saddle and commute with one of the freely available e-bikes!Travel

Machine vision-based network development.

We help see beyond the surface! Because it matters how much and what kind of groundwork needs to be done for telco network development.What we do?

Electric company cars.

We're keeping up with the times: we've embraced sustainability by using electric company cars.Travel

Weekly status with the European Space Agency.

What NASA is to the USA, ESA is to Europe. We collaborate with them on projects that have an impact not only on space but also on Earth.What we do?

Book club with contemporary authors.

We're happy to write code, but we also enjoy reading literature! We even have a book club with great company, contemporary volumes, and casual conversations.Community Programs

Italian coffee at all our locations.

We foster discussions at the workplace with good company and quality Italian coffee.Discounts

Building data ecosystem in the cloud?

We aim for the sky when it comes to building a data ecosystem in the cloud! And even though we create in the digital world, our impact is tangible!What we do?

MLOps platform development with Kubernetes.

Our mission is to streamline machine learning processes. All of this with cutting-edge technology, all the while allowing ourselves to grow significantly.What we do?

Gen Z and Baby Boomers.

The more diverse group we are, the better ideas and solutions we can come up with, and the more professional team we create together.Community Programs

These are all in place. And these are just a few among many!


Collaboration with the European Space Agency
One of our joint projects with the European Space Agency is the Copernicus project, which is part of the EU’s Earth observation program. To study our planet and its environment, we require vast amounts of data from satellite, land-based, aerial, and maritime measurement systems. The insights derived from this data can help prevent natural and human-made disasters, making the project’s impact immense. We take pride in our involvement in user testing, performance testing, and data science processes.
Integration of production systems for a leading german automotive manufacturer
The vehicles produced by the manufacturer and their control units are registered in an online central identification system. For years, DT-ITS has successfully operated and further developed this database, which spans more than 300 million cars.
Programming Autonomous Vehicles
In a pilot project in collaboration with a German transportation association, we integrated an AI-based application into minibuses used in public transportation. Utilizing machine vision, these vehicles can operate without human intervention and, thanks to built-in cameras, can recognize factors like the number of passengers on board, mask usage, whether passengers are standing or seated, or if a passenger has left their luggage behind.
Development of EV charging station management system
As more people adopt electric vehicles, we’ve responded to this shift with our cloud-based platform, “Ambika.” Through our digital development, the installation, operation, and maintenance of charging infrastructure, as well as the payment and billing processes, have all been simplified. This streamlined use may result in even more users and a more sustainable transportation system in the future.



Your health matters to us too, which is why we support physical activity and disease prevention. And if, by chance, trouble does arise, our insurance plans are here to help.

  1. Physical activity support
  2. Mental Wellness event series
  3. Health insurance
  4. Life and accident insurance


We strive to assist you with favorable opportunities, not only related to work.

  1. Discounted banking packages
  2. Mobile fleet
  3. Free digital magazine subscription
  4. Discounted summer camp


You can choose home office, but if you come to the office, we provide plenty of opportunities to make your commute as comfortable as possible!

  1. Free electric bicycle rentals
  2. Remote work expense reimbursement


Your work and great ideas don’t go unrecognized!

  1. Employee referral program
  2. Extra days off


Are you the type who constantly wants to learn something new? Good news: we have 200 training opportunities at your disposal.

  1. Online courses
  2. Hard skills and soft skills training options
Közösségi programok

Community Programs

We love that our workplace is also a community. If you’re interested, join one of our after-work programs. Or even organize a new one!

  1. Board Game Club
  2. Book Club
  3. “EgyMásért” Life Journey Community
  4. eSport Club
  5. Gastro Club
  6. Green Activists Community
  7. Photo Club
  8. Parent Support Community


You can tailor your benefit package according to your own needs and priorities.

  1. SZÉP card
  2. Nursery and kindergarten cost support
  3. Cultural event tickets
  4. Sports event tickets
Közösségi programok


It’s important to us that we meet not only in the workplace but also at informal gatherings to get to know each other better. Can we invite you?

  1. Company Pub Events
  2. Donut Parties
  3. “Bring Your Child to Work” Days


In order to not only attract the best professionals, but also to retain them, we constantly monitor what our current or future colleagues need. We don’t just want to be a workplace; we aim to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and eager to come in. For this, the opinions of the entire team are essential!