Summary of the DT-ITS Communities in 2023

2023 12 18

In 2023, our colleagues at all four sites were able to join a wide variety of programmes. DT-ITS communities are running for many years now, with 7 communities actively available this year: Book Club, eSport Club, Gastro Club, Photo Club, Board Game Club, Parental Support Community and Life Journey Community For Each Other.

Book Club

For 10 times this year, the Book Club welcomed book-loving colleagues to discuss their latest reading experiences. The afternoon sessions were a relaxed, moderator-led discussion programme, always focusing on a pre-determined theme and a book suggested by a member of the team. In addition to the invited guests, colleagues also had the opportunity to take to the stage and present one or two works during the clubs. For instance, in 2023, the books on the agenda included Micimackó és a TaoA bálványLeviatán ébredése, but also the Arany iránytű and Az éhezők viadala, following more popular themes. This year, the Book Club also had a few special features, with a special reading of Demian at the beginning of the year, a discussion of books we would never read for some reason, and the first live event of the year, where we had the chance to talk about his poetry with our colleague Sándor Halmosi.

e-Sport Club

For those interested in video games, the eSport tournaments have become a tradition and continued in 2023. Colleagues, whether beginners or national champions, could compete individually or in teams. Players could register for Leauge of Legends, Rocket League, Wild Rift, Warzone and Teamfight Tactics in the latest Winter League. In November, our colleagues were able to enter the house championship of Magyar Telekom, where they could compete for a number of valuable prizes, followed by an open tournament on 2 December.

Gastro Club

This year, the Gastro Club welcomed colleagues who wanted to be experimental, turn cooking into a positive experience and use their creativity to try new dishes, so this was the focus of the 2023 season. To close the year, Asian flavours were the order of the day, with Li Mengyi, star of Konyhafőnök and Street Kitchen, cooking with the brave colleagues who took it upon themselves to try out the recipes at home.

Photo Club

The Photo Club is one of the most creative DT-ITS communities, where you can explore the world through someone else’s lens. No matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced photographer, whether you take a picture with a phone or with professional equipment, anyone could take part in the themed challenges. Colleagues were able to learn from each other, share their knowledge and tips, and also take part in prize draws with their favourite hobby. In 2023, the first challenge was portrait photography, with the help of photographer Pál Nánási. During the online presentation, which attracted nearly 300 colleagues, our invited guest gave us an insight into the secrets of portrait photography, including the first photography challenge and personal feedback on each participant’s photos. For those who would rather have tried their hand at building photography, there was also a challenge, capturing our new Budapest location, THQ. Animal photography enthusiasts also had the chance to show off their skills in our final challenge, “The Secret Life of Pets”, and all the challenges featured almost 30 entries over the course of the year. 

Board Game Club

Board gaming is undergoing a new renaissance, which of course has also affected the DT-ITS premises, and in 2023 the Board Game Club reopened its doors. In February and November, colleagues had the opportunity to take part in the game nights, where nearly 250 colleagues gathered to play. This year again, the game masters of the Pöttyös Zebra and the JátsszMa Klub created a fantastic atmosphere with hundreds of games and explanations of the rules. From skill to association, strategy to card games, there were plenty of companions on offer, so those who wanted a lighter, faster game had just as much fun as those who wanted to play a longer one.

Parental Support Community

In 2021, we launched the Parent Support Community for parents working at DT-ITS who have special children in their daily lives. Members of the small community met every two weeks, 24 times in total, and the conversations were usually around a specific theme. They discussed the difficulties and differences in parenting, whether it was autism, sensory issues, an implanted shunt, a mobility disorder or other barriers.

Life Journey Community For Each Other

In 2023, the DT-ITS Life Journey Community For Each Other welcomed colleagues with a disability, as well as those affected by a sympathiser or family member, to their regular monthly virtual meetings. DT-ITS has always been proud of its diverse and accepting community of colleagues, and of the unity and support of colleagues who live their daily lives with disabilities. 

Since May 2023, we have invited the organisation We Are Open to help us shape the community, and the talks were led by Nóra Várady, CEO of We Are Open. During each of the 8 sessions, different topics were covered, with invited guests joining in, in addition to the roundtable discussion.


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