ITSH employee is best network expert

Our colleague Gábor Szabó has been announced winner of the 2nd National IT Competition in the Cisco switching/routing, network systems category.

Gábor’s profound understanding of networks goes back to his days as a secondary school student. He has worked at ITSH for seven years, currently as a Network Administrator.

– The primary category was a given. Did you enter for others as well?

Aside from this I entered in two other categories purely out of curiosity. It is obvious that this topic is vital for us, but others could also find subjects they were interested in.

– How was this competition lasting several weeks structured?

The competition was online from beginning to end, over 10 weeks. A series of tasks arrived each week depending on topic, so anybody nominated in several categories completed multiple tasks. The tasks varied, with 4, 5 or even 6 in a week. The questions could be in theoretical or practical topics, most commonly in a multiple choice format.

– Could you give organizers feedback during the competition itself? Did you have any comments or messages?

This only happened in the case of one question where I felt that the question was not sufficiently clear, nor were the multiple choice answers. They agreed with me in this matter and they credited points for the question.

– Have you any earlier experience of similar competitions?

In 2010, my team came fourth at the Lisbon final of the EuroSkills competition having won the qualifying round in Hungary. WorldSkills is the ‘big brother’ of this competition, which is already an individual event. In 2011, I won the final in Hungary and I was placed seventh at the London final. These championships are still running today, applications are accepted for young people up to the age of 25. By the way, the EuroSkills final was in Budapest last year.

– What sort of overlap was there between the tasks solved at the IThon competition and the experiences you have in the course of your work?

It is somewhat difficult to say definitively. There, the questions tended to revolve around technologies and their details. Obviously there were questions that related to day-to-day work or that we come across now and then, but our work at ITSH is more complex than can be encompassed merely by a series of questions.

– Why do you think it is worth applying for a competition such as this?

Nobody loses out by participating, one can only win here. It is possible to learn new things, whether from the theoretical questions or even from the fact that a person does not know the answer to the given question but will look into it. In this way it is possible to move forward.

– After your win this year, do you plan to enter next year as well?

I will certainly give it a go, unless I accidentally miss it!

Several of our colleagues managed fantastic results in the same category of the 2nd National IT Competition organized by the team: Dávid Kaplonyi 5th place, Bence Basa 9th, Dávid Juhász 10th. Congratulations to them as well!