Erik Slooten has been awarded with the title of Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Pécs

The Doctor Honoris Causa is the highest form of acknowledgement in academic circles. The CEO of Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions has earned this recognition by putting meaningful work into the collaboration with the university, be that through masterclasses, the company’s own department at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, the E-LIT scholarship for students or special joint research and innovation projects.

On 4 November the Senate of the University of Pécs had a special session in place, where they awarded seven longtime collaborators of the institution with an honorary doctorate. Among those was Erik Slooten, the CEO of DT-ITS. Erik was nominated by the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology for this title, and as dr. Géza Várady, vice-dean for scientific affairs has said, the council of the faculty has unanimously voted in favor of the proposal.

In his acceptance speech Erik has assured that education will remain a crucial point in the company’s life, and the partnership between DT-ITS and the University of Pécs will continue to be a big part of our efforts in this field. He said that it is a joint task of science and business to find answers to the questions that society is posing to us today. In the areas of medical science, employee welfare, the challenges our governments are facing in citizens welfare, we must lead together. For education in the areas of technology, we will collaborate to enable the students to acquire knowledge and experience needed in their future careers.

We congratulate Erik on this achievement in the name of the whole team!