DT-ITS has sponsored interesting events this year, too.

We must – whether we like it or not – define this year with change: not only the name, brand and colours of our company changed, in addition to the work environment, but our list of sponsored events got extended, too.

Deutsche Telekom IT solutions considers it highly important to support professional events, competitions and conferences that promote career opportunities and the newest, innovative ways in the IT industry.

However, this year, the organizers of such events had to face a challenge that required quick adaptation realize that instead of the traditional form, they must organize their events online. We wished to remain an integral part of these events as much as possible in the given situation, we even extended the list of sponsored events. Some of the event were fully on-site and live, but there were some with pre-recorded materials as well.


Let’s see which events we supported this year:

3-5 April: Hack the Crisis

The online hackathon organized by HWSW aimed to find quick breakthroughs in the pandemic situation. As a responsible IT company, we felt compelled to stand behind a good cause, thus we sponsored the event. The participants had the chance to submit creative ideas and solutions in four categories: #life, #community, #company and #education, of which 134 project ideas were submitted in a mere 48 hours. In addition to the event, we also provided financial and professional support to one of the winning teams.

5 May: The IT Business – Perfume

The IT Business – Perfumeevent was one of the first HR conferences to discuss topics related to the pandemic. In addition to supporting the event, our Head of Recruitment participated as a speaker.

8-10 October: #Hacktivity2020

Hacktivity, the biggest cyber security conference of Central-Eastern Europe, is one of our traditionally sponsored events. Our colleagues atDT-ITS prepared a special Security game for the event that the participants could try. More than ten thousand people watched the broadcast of the event.

3-5 November: HUSTEF

HUSTEF is one of the most outstanding software testing conferences of Europe. It aims for the best in the field to share their knowledge about the latest technologies and developments. As a returning partner of the event, we couldn’t stay away from it this year either; the viewers could watch our colleague’s, Gabriella Kiss’s presentation about the importance of non-functional testing.

5 November: PMI – Arts of Projects Conference

PMI is the most esteemed international project management conference of Central-Europe, organized by the largest project management team of the country, of which our colleague, László Balogh is vice president. DT-ITS was one of the golden sponsors of the event.

5 November: DevFest Budapest:

DevFest Budapest was jointly organized by DT-ITS and eNoventum Labs, aiming to bring together the developers and managers in the topic of Public Cloud & Cloud Native. More than 400 people took part in the event, including 20 speakers, of whom many works at DT-ITS. Organizing the event was a great opportunity and important milestone for us.

13-15 November: futuRE:build Ideathon

Ideathons are brainstorming events. The participants come up with ideas and develop them to present and receive feedback about what needs improvement or how it can be realized. The futuRE:build ideathon was the first of its kind for DT-ITS, attracting mainly students and recent graduates. From 47 countries, 519 contestants teamed up and submitted 57 projects. They were supported by 47 mentors and received lots of useful advice.

26 November: Business Ethics Award

The 20-year award plays in important role in the business life. After being awarded in 2019, DT-ITS has sponsored the awarding ceremony in 2020, wanting to raise awareness about the importance of ethical behaviour in business.

4 December: IT.a.helyed

The first conference from the organization named Share IT Lab, which is concentrating on helping women start a carrer in IT.


What goes over into 2021:

National IT Challenge:

The National IT Challenge is one of the biggest and most-known IT competitions in the country, with DT-ITS sponsoring three of its categories (DevOps, IT Security, Network). More than 1300 contestants compete in just these three categories, and one of these people could win the “Most Versatile IT Expert” title. We made a short video with our colleagues for the competition, which you can find after clicking on the sponsored categories.

We’re hoping for the next year to be as full with sponsored events as this one!