DT-ITS has made it to best three with its new brand name – the company has been selected one of the most attractive workplaces in 2020 again

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions (DT-ITS) is proud to announce that after last year’s third place, the company has secured the second position in the SSC/ BSC category at PwC Hungary’s Most Attractive Employer Hungary 2020 Award.

PwC Hungary prepares its annual ranking of the best workplaces based on a national opinion survey – this year the company surveyed the job preferences of nearly 35 thousand 16-28-yearold high school and higher education students as well as career entrants.

DT-ITS has further improved its leading position in this year’s survey despite the fact that the company had to enter the contest after its rebranding just a few months ago – it has become the second at the SSC/ BSC category after last year’s third place.

‘2020 has really been a special year for us – we have successfully adapted to an unexpected, world-changing pandemic and from July we started to work under the new brand name Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions. Our aim has been to show that the values of the old company live on in DT-ITS which also opens new horizons for us. I am proud that can I work with a supportive, cohesive team which could make this happen. We have again become one of the most attractive workplaces in the country,’ said Erik Slooten, MD of Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions.

The aim of PwC Hungary ‘s online survey was to find the country’s best employer brands as well as to map the expectations of future employees. PwC Hungary’s Most Attractive Employer Hungary 2020 Awards were given in 10 categories.