Branded Relax Corner at Corvinus

Márkázott pihenősarok a Corvinuson

On October 20th, 3 colleagues of DT-ITS visited Corvinus University of Budapest: the financial head of the company, Zsolt Őrffy; László Kónya, head of our division Growth Portfolio; and Zsolt Gergely, the person responsible for university relations. The occasion for the visit was a recently opened branded relax corner and a short discussion, during which the university was represented by Imre Held, Head Counsel to the Corporate and Institutional Relations and to Dr. Róbert Marciniák, docent of the Institute of Management.

Our company started building the collaboration program in 2019, aiming to have relationships with prestigious institutions beyond those with IT-affiliations. Therefore, our collaboration with Corvinus University of Budapest aims at brand-building at one of the most outstanding higher education institutions of Hungary. As part of the current project, DT-ITS is leasing a relax corner at the university via sponsorship and plans to extend it, should it succeed. Moreover, as part of the collaboration, László Kónya and his colleagues will hold international project management lectures at the Management Institution.

During the conversation, a future grant was discussed as well, which would be launched for students who have command of the German language, too.  The goal of this scholarship is for students to be able to utilize their knowledge in a practical environment during and after their university years, that contributes to their professional growth and to finding the most interesting and most suitable professional environments for them. The program – which we are planning to launch in spring 2022 – would encourage students to gain trainee experiences as well as their degrees, in a unique way.

We trust that just as before, the collaboration will expand to more and more areas, and will bring real value to the life of the university and the company, and to the affected students.