E-LIT – Plan your future!

Apply for our scholarship program, take a degree course, gain practical experience, plus a HUF 1 million scholarship all at the same time!

There’s no doubt where you’ll start your career after graduating because we can offer you a full-time job with the largest ICT service provider in Hungary

E-LIT Program:

If we select you, you are then entered into our scholarship program and you begin working with us through an educational organization, receiving a competitive hourly pay rate. From this time, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions transfers to your account at the beginning of every semester the HUF 1 million scholarship, broken down as follows:

  • fifth semester: HUF 100,000
  • sixth semester: HUF 250,000
  • seventh semester: HUF 250,000
  • eighth semester: HUF 400,000

The final sum is paid once the diploma is issued. If you manage to complete your degree course in seven semesters, the third and fourth payments are combined.

During your traineeship, you will acquire marketable, practice experience of relevance to the IT service sector. In a trainee position, we provide you with a competitive hourly pay rate, professional development and a mentor. The course’s compulsory professional work experience can be done within the framework of the program. Furthermore, during the traineeship you have the chance to improve your German language skills within both the university and the company structure.

Having been awarded a BSc and on the basis of the terms of the trainee program, DT-ITS may offer you a full-time job, primarily at the Pécs or Budapest site, but if so required and inasmuch as this can be resolved on the part of the company, there is the option to work at the Debrecen or Szeged sites, too.

Who are we looking for?

Third-year students interested in IT who would like to obtain an excellent scholarship, competitive pay as a trainee, marketable practical experience and a career opportunity at Hungary’s largest IT service provider.

Conditions of application

  • Active student status
  • Four completed semesters attending a BSc course at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Engineering and Informatics (PTK/MIK), Faculty of Business and Economics (PTK/KTK), Faculty of Sciences (PTE-TTK) or the BSc course at Jon von Neumann Faculty, Óbuda University (OE-NIK).
  • Interest in the multinational IT service sector
  • Starter or intermediate German language, or willingness to learn the language, so that by the time you graduate with a BSc you have reached B1-B2 level according to the European classification system
  • An undertaking that in the first semester of the scholarship program you will be able to work a minimum 10, and after this minimum 20 hours as a trainee (with flexi-time that takes into account exams, summer etc.)
  • An undertaking that if you are a student at PTE-KTK, PTE-TTK or OE-NIK you graduate with BSc degree within 7 semesters or if you are a student at PTE-MIK, you complete your BSc degree within 8 semesters.

Selection process

  • We filter all applications and those that meet the criteria are assessed by us following a short face-to-face interview.
  • We notify successful candidates in writing within 15 working days of the interview.

Loyalty period

The program covers the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th semesters of the BSc course; the loyalty period also covers these times, furthermore, having been awarded the degree, and inasmuch as DT-ITS makes a full-time job offer, for a further 18 months. If before the expiry of this period you would like to withdraw from the program, you can do so on condition of repayment of the proportional amount of the scholarship.

Positions, career opportunities

The range of services supplied by DT-ITS is extremely wide, which opens possibilities for students already with a background in information technology as well as those interested in the sector but with different backgrounds (for example, in economics) to find the opportunity ideal for them and the chance for a secure income and to build a genuine career. Pre-plan your career, we’ll be there to help!

Please send your questions here: FMB-TS-ITSH-HR@t-systems.com

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