Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an attitude and corporate management policy that builds responsible social and environmental objectives into the operation of the enterprise in the spirit of sustainable development. CSR activities, whether concerning a reduction of the environmental footprint or voluntary work, are today an integral part of the life of every major multinational corporation. As Hungary’s largest ICT employer, our company supports implementation of responsible management in numerous areas.


DT-ITS is committed to supporting the development of disadvantaged students, so education is an important element of a company’s central CSR strategy. As a multinational ICT company, we believe that we need to provide IT education to the most disadvantaged areas in Hungary, which is why our colleagues have been teaching programming skills to unprivileged students since Fall 2018 with the participation of the Bhim Rao association. In the afternoon, our 10 volunteer colleagues teach a total of 50 students in 5 age groups. The curriculum was developed by DT-ITS in collaboration with Logiscool, tailored to students’ needs.

The KHETANIPE Foundation in Pécs also joined our educational program in Fall 2019: DT-ITS donated computers and other IT equipment to the foundation as part of the Heroes Project so that an IT room similar to Szendrőlád could be established in Pécs. In the Heroes Project, 6 of our staff teach basic IT skills in 2 groups (3-5th graders and 6-8th graders). Here, too, the curriculum was developed together with Logiscool, tailored to the children of Pécs.

Environmental protection

In the interest of realizing an environmentally conscious operation, our company has been working for years to reduce electricity, water and paper consumption, and selective waste management has been implemented at every one of our premises since 2006. In 2018 DT-ITS relocated its Budapest headquarters to a new office building at Mill Park boasting innovative and green architectural solutions.

We believe that it is important to raise attention to the importance of environmental protection, a focus area of our company’s CSR strategy, among our colleagues. Our employees have the opportunity to apply every year for environmental or environmental reconstruction actions, protection of a healthy natural environment and living space, and voluntary actions aimed at sustainability – within team building activities.

In addition, we organize several campaigns every year to promote the issue internally, like the Earth Day Photo Competition, environmental lectures, nationwide waste collection campaign ‘TeSzedd!’ or the Bike to Work campaign, where we won first place in Spring 2019.

Role in society

Colleagues organized into enthusiastic teams help those in need in many parts of the country. Our company has a tendering program to help this by awarding a total HUF 5 million per year to procure equipment needed to carry out voluntary jobs. Within the framework of CSR, members of staff have done repairs and renovation in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and parks, they have built a computer infrastructure and WIFI network. They are also active as volunteers outside the formal tendering framework, at weekends or even in team building constructions, and they were the first to offer their support for flood defense work.

For many years the Hungarian Red Cross has looked on us as a reliable blood donor partner; our staffers in Budapest, Debrecen and Pécs gave blood on a total of more than 500 occasions.

Each year in Debrecen and Budapest we organize several charity fairs, where colleagues can buy gifts made by the disabled and those with reduced working capacity. In August 2019 we organized a school supplies donation with the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta at each of our sites, and we helped children in need start school with more than 10 boxes of supplies.We organize charitable collections in the period leading up to Christmas, for several years now we have participated in the ‘Shoebox gifts’ scheme run by Hungarian Baptist Aid and we joined the chocolate collection campaign of Bihari Állami Gondozottak Egyesülete, an association supporting child care.

Besides encouraging charity activities DT-ITS also provides financial support to those organizations decided on in a vote of members of staff of the company. In the past few years we have given donations of HUF 1 million to each of the following foundations:

  • Bátor Tábor Foundation, Budapest
  • Harmonikus Fejlődésért Alapítvány (foundation for harmonious development), Pécs
  •  DOTE Nonprofit Foundation of Premature Children, Debrecen
  •  “Reménysugár” Hematology and Oncology Foundation for Pediatricians in Southern Alföld, Szeged