Service Management (SEM)

Banner_screenService Management (SeM) is the “face” of T-Systems International to customers. SeM is responsible for the timely execution of services, as well as for the revenues and profit showing up in the account. It is tasked with preparing SLA reports, ordering new services from Production and from third parties, as well as taking part in standard ITIL processes such as change, incident, and problem management. This service department launched in 2010 in Hungary and currently has approximately 250 employees. It has a presence on various levels ranging from back-office administrative jobs to personal account management involving full responsibility. Most SeM employees speak German and take part in coordination-related tasks. Approximately 10% of them perform their daily work from home as part of the newly launched Teleworking program, a program which the department aims to extend. SeM is a rapidly growing department providing cross-services with a young team and lots and lots of challenges.

Sites: Budapest, Debrecen, Pécs, Szeged, and private home workstations

Main services

Account and contract management

  • Agreement support (Pre-Sales and T & T projects)
  • Complaints handling and submission (Lead INM, PRM)

Service provision

  • Service level management and reporting
  • Order and change management

Financial performance and billing

  • Business operations