Open Telekom Cloud

Cloud-based services are currently the principal orientation in IT and there has been constant upward demand for these solutions year on year. Deutsche Telekom unrolled Open Telekom Cloud, its new cloud service structured on OpenStack on CeBIT 2016.

The essence of OTC is that it allows users to build their own systems on servers located at T-Systems International data hubs. This means that a client can manage – easily and efficiently – its own infrastructure from anywhere in the world using a browser. The huge advantages of OTC are not only accessibility, but also – in the interest of security and reliability – that it complies with the strictest criteria of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

The fact that the parent company commissioned ITSH with operating this service speaks volumes about its trust in the Hungarian subsidiary. The ITO Open Telekom Cloud team is responsible for all elements of the operation of the platform. The team has been tasked with installing the constantly expanding range of services and integrating them into the existing system.

OTC is like Formula 1 in that it has to adjust to constantly changing circumstances in an extremely short timeframe. And similarly to the championship, this too is a way of life characterized by continuous improvement and development. Staff work with the very latest technologies while moving light years ahead of the world of established IT systems. Very many people seek opportunities in the unknown, meaning that competition is fierce.

The requirement to make predictable that which is unpredictable is a challenge faced every day, and one that demands a high degree of creativity and devotion. By reimagining tried and tested methods from classic systems operations, new requirements must be met efficiently in a far more confused and dynamically moving environment.

Create Your Own Network – Open Telekom Cloud

If you consider development to be important and if you are willing to explore a professional opportunity that you will rarely find elsewhere in Hungary at the moment, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with members of the OTC Team:

Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer 63325

Cloud Automation Developer 63335

Cloud Infrastructure Architect 63337

Innovation Officer 63341

Process Designer 63346

Public Cloud Security Expert 63349

Openstack Engineer 61575