IP Production Services (IPPS)

IP Production Services (IPPS) previously part of the joint operation within TSS since 2008 became an independent service line on the 1st of January 2016. The IPPS organization offers a full range of telecommunication services to more than 3500 T-Systems International and Telekom Deutschland clients. It is the only service line within ITSH which direct customer is Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH.

Based on the principle „First class worldwide network services„ the service line offers its global clients IP-VPN services. It follows up – from beginning to end – network orders, installation and commissioning, and undertakes responsibility for their operation/optimization as well. IPPS is present in many areas and functions, including project coordination and ITIL-based process support.

In addition to normal and shift work schedules, the department also supports part-time work, flexible working hours and teleworking. Challenging career opportunities are available for juniors and professionals with several years of experience, too. There is no better way to prove our commitment and support for young talented people, than the fact that we employ 23 trainees in the department. At present, 316 professionals work in our service line in four sites: Debrecen, Pécs, Budapest and Szeged.

Provisioning & Global Production Design

In order for our clients to have an operating network, first the appropriate network components have to be ordered, delivered and installed. Provisioning is responsible for coordinating this process right up until the point that the service is installed at the client’s location. One team supports the development process in Germany and another handles international projects.
In addition to coordinating the preparation of developments, we keep contact with the procurement and request quotations for services. It is necessary to ensure that clarified orders with the required information are provided to the supporting groups.

Within the Service Delivery Unit, colleagues of the Global Production Design (GPD) speaking both English and German fluently, are supporting global and international projects and the services of Deutsche Telekom Technik

Main operational areas of the GPD group:

  • Negotiating the technical and SLA parameters of service agreements to be signed with international suppliers, and managing existing contracts.
  • Formulating and drafting management, KPI and provider reports, financial plan-fact analysis.
  • ITIL-based process support in incident and problem management.
  • Planning, coordinating, executing audits, project support

Skills required for work in the department:

  • High level proficiency in German and/or English
  • Intercultural skills (respect for other cultures) and communication techniques
  • Precision in work, strive for excellence
  • Basic knowledge of networks (Cisco CCNA) is an advantage
  • Problem-solving skills and process knowledge (ITIL)
  • Project management experience

Within the Service Delivery Unit, there are opportunities for teleworking, part-time work and flexi-time, thus encouraging a healthy balance in work and private life.

Technical Delivery

In order for the networks and their circuits to operate, they first have to be built and installed. Technical Delivery is fully responsible for this installation and testing process, for standard IPPS solutions, and hundreds of corporate clients are guaranteed extensive network connections globally.

The scenario is quite simple. There is a customer who has sites, offices, warehouses and factories around the world, and communicate with each other through the network service provided by T-Systems International. Let’s assume that this customer wants to open new offices or sites, and would like to integrate these into the existing network and communication process. It is to be implemented by Technical Delivery. On the other hand, there are physical changes and the optimization of our own core network, taking into consideration both technological and cost-efficiency factors.

Skills required for work:

  • High level proficiency in German and/or English
  • Intercultural skills and communication techniques
  • ITIL and project experience or basic knowledge of networks (Cisco CCNA)
  • Knowledge of Cisco CCNP and Juniper is an advantage


Once the deployment and installation of the network of our customers is done, the next step is operations! IP-VPN Operations is responsible for the global operation of telecommunication services and solutions supplied to our clients around the world. Our tasks include implementing standard changes, installing new IPLS sites, second level troubleshooting (incident and problem management), coordinating changes ont he backbone network, and troubleshooting international line problems, working in cooperation with various service providers in the IPLS cloud. We serve more than 2500 clients with different topologies and technologies, wherever they are in the world. Our staffs are network operators with IT qualifications speaking German and/or English.

In Debrecen, we work in a so-called Network Operation Center and we complete our tasks in a close cooperation with the Network Operation Center in Ulm, Germany. The two NOC units operate in parallel with each other, and together they are responsible for the operation of the global IPLS cloud. Nevertheless, they also collaborate with other groups which are different Service Provider and Service Delivery Management groups in various places around the globe.

Skills required for work:

  • High level proficiency in German and/or English
  • Basic network skills (Cisco CCNA)
  • Knowledge of Cisco CCNP and Juniper is an advantage
  • Intercultural skills and communication techniques
  • Problem-solving skills and result-oriented attitude