Growth Portfolio

Growth Portfolio Divison was established in the beginning of 2019. Our Service Portfolio is diverse, the used technologies reflect the market’s trends. Furthermore, we operate and work on every sites of DT-ITS with almost 1000 colleagues for T-Systems International and Deutsche Telekom, and their customers as well. The division includes many business units which are on the global market’s growth path, therefore we have open positions continuously for these fields:

Telekom Security

This business unit deals with security incidents affecting the Telekom group and its customers and the means of detecting and preventing them, in particular:

  • Operation of IT security tools and applications
  • Analysis of events, security breaches, vulnerabilities
  • Consulting, security incident management
  • Creation and development of regulations, compliance support and supervision
  • Raising IT security awareness

Public Cloud

  • develop, maintain and operate the public cloud of T-Systems International
  • product development
  • product management
  • DevOps
  • solution engineering
  • architecture
  • and supporting business areas like Project Management, Sales

IoT – Internet of Things

The Hungarian IoT organization, as a part of the Deutsche Telekom IoT Tribe, performs technology and business support tasks. These include, among others:

  • Platform architect
  • Operations architect
  • Solution engineer
  • DevOps
  • Service delivery management
  • Supplier management
  • Billing/reporting support
  • Service management (OPM, PM, IM)
  • Sales and marketing support

Our work is fully international: we work closely with Russian, Indian and German colleagues, along agile thinking and methods.

Sales and business development also belongs with us, and their tasks are winning deals for DT-ITS and the continued support of the sales processes.

Another department of the Division is the Shared Service Centers that provides services such as software development, testing, procurement, automatization and project management:

Application Development SSC

We consider it important to provide balance and security to our employees, who are proud of their position and role in projects. We want our colleagues to see our company not as a springboard, but as an opportunity for reliable and long-term employment, offering a real career path, where they can achieve their goals.

Main service portfolio:

  • High quality E2E application management and development
  • Frontend / Backend development mainly in JAVA, .NET, PHP programming languages
  • Mainframe development
  • Agile / Scrum / Waterfall development
  • DevOps, CI / CD
  • Research and Development
  • Pre-sales and bid support
  • Big Data, Business Intelligence Expertise

Test Management SSC

Main service portfolio:

  • Software quality insurance
  • Test management, test planning, and implementation arching across various test phases
  • Testing integration of information systems during international projects

Order Management SSC

Main service portfolio:

  • Service Integration
  • IT and TC client support
  • All order management related E2E processes: Request to Offer / Order to Cash / Usage to Cash
  • Fulfillment of the services ordered by the customer according to the specified time, quality, cost and other metrics
  • Manage and monitor user orders and generate up-to-date status reports
  • Establish a thorough reporting structure to ensure quality and efficiency
  • Critical Order Management, escalation management
  • Development of clear global processes, creation of a standard knowledge base for daily operation
  • Development of processes included in the customer contract
  • Support the automation team to increase the efficiency of operations and processes and to exploit hidden potentials

ServiceNow SSC

Service Now is a cloud-based company that supports its customers ’IT operations with SaaS-based solutions. The company specializes in IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Systems Management (ITOM), and IT Business Process Management (ITBM), which allows users to manage interactions between projects, teams, and customers through a variety of applications and plug-ins.

ServiceNow SSC main activities:

  • Presales
  • Process assessment and consulting
  • Implementation
  • Application Development

Automation SSC

Main service portfolio:

  • Standardization of technologies and equipment
  • Process development and technology automation
  • Consultation and architecture planning
  • Recyclable and automatized solution planning and development
  • Implementation of current automatized solutions on organizational level
  • Development of applications

Project Management SSC

Main service portfolio:

  • Project Management
  • PMO support
  • T & T Management