Why is it good to work for us?

Banner_chatIt is good to work for us because:

  • We are a young and dynamic team
  • We provide an outstanding career opportunities on the basis of the strategic growth of the company
  • We offer continuous development in the field of IT and languages
  • We work in a multinational environment: participation in the international projects of T-Systems
  • We offer a competitive package: cafeteria, reimbursement of travelling costs, language courses, professional trainings, foreign trainings

We asked our colleagues why it is good to work for us and their answers were as follows:

  • Attractive future vision
  • Nice environment
  • Good atmosphere
  • Possibility for professional development, improvement of language skills (foreign colleagues, business trips)
  • Friendly environment
  • Good Team Spirit
  • Cheerful atmosphere
  • Nice company
  • Technology
  • Flexibility
  • Helpful colleagues
  • Flexible working hours
  • Good managers

We look forward to every new day because we do our daily work with passion.

Are you young and feel that your life is still ahead of you? Are you ready to work in a team where you can work with similarly young and open colleagues? Where you may learn new things and career opportunities are not just an empty slogan?

Join us!

Young and dynamic team

The average age of our team is 27 years. You can work in a stimulating, constructive team-work environment. In certain positions you can freely choose your working hours according to your life-style.


The multinational background of T-Systems plays a decisive factor in the international fell of our company culture and this is proved by our scope of customers.

General professional development and complex professional knowledge is a real opportunity in our company and not just an empty slogan. Thus, as well as gaining international experience, you can shift between different professional areas. If you do not just want to build a career but your vision is to become an expert of a given professional area, here is the opportunity!


We are convinced that we will find the future managers of our company among our colleagues who are open to continuously developing their IT knowledge and managerial skills. Our basic philosophy is that we do not just offer a job but provide an opportunity for our colleagues to challenge their skills in a multicultural environment and gain work experience.

You may read some stories written by our colleagues about their own success! If you are interested in our offer and philosophy join us and be part of our success!