Trainee Programme

We already have nearly 200 trainees working with us and we would like you to join the company as well! You can acquire genuine professional experience here, even while studying at university. We encourage you to keep an eye on our careers page because we are constantly updating our trainee vacancies ads.

Why is it worth being a trainee at DT-ITS?

  • Flexible shifts: We fully understand that you consider your studies come first, which is why there is the opportunity to assign your work accordingly. The essence is the quantity and quality of the work that is done, not a fixed number of hours worked.
  • Real work experience: When you work here you have the chance to gain insight into the operation of a multinational corporation as well as to take part in the same jobs as your full-time colleagues. We place trust in our trainees by giving them highly responsible work, and naturally you can always count on the assistance of members of staff.
  • Numerous career opportunities even after graduating: When both sides are satisfied, we are pleased to take on trainees as full-time employees. If you find that you’ve become interested in another area within the company, you will also have the opportunity to make an in-house cross-application.
  • Friendly environment: Everyone uses the informal within the company and with the help of the internal communications system it is possible to establish working relationships that even span divisions. Depending on your job, you may also frequently have the opportunity to collaborate with other teams. There are also plenty of opportunities for trainees to join in company events, meetups and informal get-togethers outside working hours.
  • Training and further education options: Trainees also get the chance to take part in free group language courses. These start every half year; you can develop your skills in English and German twice a week. Of course, you can take part in programs and meetings of a professional nature, too, and you are also eligible for several online courses and relevant teaching material.
  • Modern, comfortable environment: We make sure that all our sites have comfortable and ergonomic working environments, complete with bean bags, chill-out and relaxation areas and free coffee machines. Our office blocks are located in parkland zones close to numerous cafés and restaurants.

Who do we welcome applications from?

We employ our trainees through a school cooperative, therefore you must have an active, full-time student status (passive student status may be acceptable up to the age of 25). The number of hours you will be expected to work differs depending on the position but in nearly all cases it will be a minimum 20 hours/week (naturally with flexible shifts). Given that our parent company is German, and that we work in a multinational environment, you are expected to speak at least one foreign language (English or German) to intermediate level.

If you meet these conditions, check out our trainee vacancies: by searching using the keywords “trainee” or “gyakornok” on our careers page you will find all our current job vacancies for trainees.  If you still have any questions concerning this opportunity, please write to us at

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