Remuneration package


Our goal is to establish a team of highly-qualified people where the employees provide the highest level of services. We are convinced that the acknowledgement of our colleagues’ performance, both individually and as a team , helps us  become a better workplace where our employees  to come to work happily every day.

Our vision is to become one of the best, biggest and most acknowledged IT service providers in the Central European region. This can only be achieved with employees who work with pleasure for the company. It is important to us that our colleagues feel comfortable at their workplace and also in their private lives. To achieve this,  we offer a package that besides the base salary includes numerous other elements as well:

Competitive base salary, Performance proportionate bonus

Within the framework of the performance-based bonus system, our colleagues receive their bonus if their predefined individual targets are met. This bonus is a certain percentage of the base salary that is paid as a variable salary.

Free of charge sporting facilities

We provide the opportunity of doing sports to our employees in Budapest, Debrecen, Pécs and Szeged as well. We have concluded agreements with local gyms on the basis of which our employees may use their respective services.


Besides their base salary, our employees are entitled to a non-financial type of package in an annual lump-sum at net value, which is  put together by our employees according to their individual needs and preferences.


Our goal is to work with highly qualified professionals, therefore by regularly organizing professional trainings, we give the opportunity to each and every employee to continuously further develop their skills in the fields of IT, foreign languages and soft skills.

Language learning possibilities

We put much emphasis on internal language training. You may learn according to your current level of knowledge in groups, several hours per week, before or after working hours. We  provide everything that is necessary for your development.

Corporate events

As a result of the dynamic growth of our company, we are continuously joined by new employees. We strive to help them adapt to the new environment and to help them  informally get acquainted with their colleagues, therefore we regularly organize team building events where our colleagues may get to know each other in a playful and cheerful environment.