Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions  is constantly growing and in just the past years it has approximately doubled the number of its employees: today, it boasts a national team of IT experts speaking German and English numbering more than 4600.

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions opened its Budapest office in 2006 and then inaugurated the premises in Debrecen a year later. In 2012 it expanded southwards, opening a new office in Pécs.

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions is the largest ICT employer in Hungary. In 2008, we won the “Investor of the Year” award, and in 2015 our company won the award once again from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) for its developments related to regional job creation. Our company won the 2014-2015 National Champion award in the “Employer of the Year” category. In 2019, we received the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency’s (HIPA) award for the best educational cooperation, and according to PwC Hungary’s independent research, we are ranked one of the most attractive workplaces in Hungary and also received the most ethical multinational company title.

Our values

  • Client centricity
  • Getting things done
  • Value creation
  • Knowledge and continuous professional improvement
  • Curiosity in new technologies
  • Acting as one team

DT-ITS job offers (in Hungarian)

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions is proud of the fact that, based on the results of the Aon Hewitt and AIESEC Hungary ‘Employer Brand Research’ for 2012, it is the country’s most recognized, and third most attractive, employer among those interested in the IT industry and speaking English and German.

A survey of employers conducted by AON Hewitt in 2014 show that Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions performed best among both career starters and experienced IT experts: they consider our company the third most attractive workplace in the industry in Hungary. This places it ahead of such household, major Hungarian brands as Hungarian oil company MOL, Suzuki and even Magyar Telekom.

According to Randstad’s 2016 employee survey, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions is the eighth most attractive company and the second most attractive employer among English and German speakers in the IT industry in Hungary. Based on the same research last year, the company moved up 5 places on the list. More than 200,000 potential employees participated in the 2016 research globally, and more than 4,000 in Hungary.

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions invests in knowledge

The company offers diversified training opportunities to its existing workforce so that they can meet the highest standards demanded by clients of Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions, both regarding the rapidly developing IT sector and essential advanced language skills. In addition, the company supports the further development and career progress of colleagues, and it organizes team building and skill training courses for current and prospective group managers and executives.


DT-ITS job offers (in Hungarian)