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IT Services Hungary (ITSH) services its clients with a workforce of 4500 working out of sites equipped with the very latest infrastructure. The company’s greatest assets are the Hungarian expertise and its high-level German and English language skills.

Through growth, ITSH would also like to contribute to the development of the cities where the sites are based. Support of the local community is important, therefore particular emphasis is given to backing education as well as young people and culture.

The head office of the company is in Budapest, and it has a further three sites, in Debrecen, Pécs and Szeged.


Route planning to ITSH sites


After a period of nearly 10 years, the company decided to relocate its Budapest head office from Infopark to Mill Park from the second quarter of 2018. It leases office space of approximately 17,300 sqm. The building has very many innovative architectural solutions, for example, within the sizeable internal area a park was established with numerous wellbeing features, outdoor fitness equipment, external meeting rooms, thus offering a natural green space for the office centre, where staff can rest and relax.



Tudáspark 2014

Following on from Budapest, in June 2007 ITSH opened its second service centre in Debrecen. The choice fell to Debrecen because this is where the company discovered a dynamic, progressive environment in which it would be possible to build a successful enterprise in partnership with talented, motivated young people and highly trained professionals.

ITSH inaugurated its first Debrecen office with 20 people on board. Over time, they were joined by very many new colleagues. As a consequence of continuous development, over the past few years the company has increased the number of its employees by a multiple at national level.

Lion 2014

Within the framework of a project launched in February 2008, a new office block was built, located in Knowledge Park, a complex based on collaboration between the university and the business sector.

ITSH staff took possession of the new offices in the summer of 2009. Currently more than 1600 colleagues work in the 10,000-sqm modern office complex.

The company provides an outstanding opportunity for those starting their career who are resident in and around Debrecen, in order to test their skills and know-how and acquire extension training in a competitive, multinational environment. For experienced professionals, the company provides new challenges and attractive career pathways in the rapidly developing field of information and communication technology.



In spring 2012, the management of ITSH decided to extend its activities to Pécs, in the building on Rákóczi Road. At the time of the launch of the company, it numbered just 45 colleagues, and this number is now approaching 600.


The first wing of the NLK building was inaugurated in 2014; it contained 305 workstations over an area of 2368.5 sqm. This wing is now full, so the company agreed to lease and renew the other wing of the NLK building (NLK2), which was handed over in 2017. A total of 268 workstations were set up on 1797 sqm.

When the Pécs site got off the ground, colleagues carried out Service Desk activities. Nowadays, our staff conduct a variety of high added value services, including for instance, architect tasks, network planning, IT security services, SAP operation and development, the operation of DT Open Telekom Cloud-based solutions, which requires special Openstack expertise.




At the moment, nearly 250 people work at the Szeged site of ITSH, in many different fields of IT.

Szeged can be considered a site with potential for expansion because it provides nationally acknowledged, high standard IT training for undergraduates attending the University of Szeged. The current office environment – with minor transformations – allows the opportunity to increase the current number of employees in Szeged.