Employee Integration

Banner_workFor IT specialists, the move to IT Services Hungary brings a whole host of specific benefits. As the Hungarian subsidiary of T-Systems International, IT Services Hungary offers to newcomers, a wide range of new perspectives gained from its international background and know-how about transferring projects.

These new employees are fully satisfied with their new employer and this is the best evidence that IT Services Hungary’s intensive efforts to integrate new employees into the transfer process from the outset, are paying off.  Key tools  in this process are Information and dialogue. Employees’ personal interests and questions are taken seriously and discussed in in-depth meetings and individual appointments. ITSH’s HR experts describe each transfer step and each contractual detail in full.

High level of acceptance and motivation

A special transition team is responsible for these aspects. The structural conditions are also outstanding. As an ICT provider with locations all over Hungary, ITSH offers a whole range of opportunities for further professional development.

Person centred approach

As a service company IT Services Hungary considers its employees as a valuable mainstay of the company. This is why one of the most important aspects is staff transfer.

For this reason, from an early stage  IT Services Hungary works together with future employees on fast integration, identifying as quickly as possible reliable prospects and development opportunities for when they eventually transfer to us. “We talk about their uncertainties and reassure them as to why it is important to us to gain the loyalty of new IT colleagues from a whole range of industry backgrounds”.

Low attrition

IT Services Hungary has developed a transition methodology for the transition phase which allows it to win the new employees over at an early stage and integrate them into its organization more quickly. A special transition team introduces measures to ensure that wherever possible, new colleagues are fully integrated on their first day at work. The low rate of attrition after the transition phase shows that the transition programs are effective.