Company History

As of July 1, IT Services Hungary will continue to operate under the name Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions (DT-ITS). The aim of the name change is to streamline the German mother company’s international b2b telecommunications business structure, to enhance cooperation efficiency within the company group as well as to improve customer service.
As for the transformation of Deutsche Telekom’s international b2b structure effective 1 July 2020, the group’s services closely related to telecommunications (TC) will be handed over from its subsidiary T-Systems International GmbH and integrated into Telekom Deutschland GmbH. In order to increase efficiency, there will be no more split responsibilities across the different segments within the group.
Following the name change, work will continue in Hungary along the existing strategy and the shared values of the Deutsche Telekom Group.
As a result of the transformation, innovation within the company will receive further impetus, and the streamlined structure will further support colleagues in utilizing and improving their knowledge and expertise in an inspiring international environment or even global projects.
In the summer of 2020, the company opened a new location in Szeged. The expanding local offices serve customers in a variety of IT areas.

IT Services Hungary won the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) award for the best educational cooperation and, according to independent research by PwC Hungary, became one of the most attractive jobs in Hungary. The company also received the title of the most ethical multinational corporation.

“Innovation in motivation – the best workplace in Baranya” HR award for ITSH. In 2018, IT Services Hungary (ITSH) received the HR award of the Pécs-Baranya Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The award was presented for the first time, recognizing the ITSH motivational system, the steps taken by colleagues for continuous improvement. After finishing second in 2016, IT Services Hungary became the most successful ICT company in 2017, followed by another 51 companies.

ITSH handed over the new workspaces in Pécs. The near two-fold expansion of the office complex on Nagy Lajos Király Road represents not only an in-house move but the creation of new jobs as the number of employees increased with more than 200 from more than 500 by the end of 2018.
The Senate of the University of Pécs has conferred the highest honor bestowed by the university on Chris Wilson CEO of IT Services Hungary. Through this exemplary collaboration, students of the university receive competitive, state-of-the-art specialist knowledge, while the city and region can now offer attractive career opportunities to the most ambitious young people.
In 2017, the company’s “Start Program” launched in 2010 was opened for schools in Budapest, in order to support secondary schools and vocational secondary schools providing IT education.

IT Services Hungary is the eighth most attractive enterprise in Hungary, according to a survey conducted among local employees by Randstad. ITSH has moved up five places on this prestigious list compared to the same survey conducted last year.
In 2016 Hungary’s largest ICT employer, IT Services Hungary (ITSH) received the Alumni Prize founded by the University of Debrecen. The award is designed to recognize the achievements of those market players who have a complex, highly integrated relationship with the university.

The total number of IT Services Hungary employees broke the psychological barrier of 4000 employees in the second quarter of 2015. Last year the company won the ‘Investor of the Year Award’ – jointly presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) – for its regional developments associated with job creation.
The government of Hungary and the country’s largest employer in the ICT industry, IT Services Hungary (ITSH), have signed a strategic partnership agreement with each other. The agreement not only recognizes the contribution made by the company to the economy so far, but it also sets out the mutual intention of the parties to cooperate in the development of the competitiveness of the Hungarian ICT sector and the capacity of Hungary to attract capital.

A survey of employers conducted by AON Hewitt in 2014 examined 243 independent sector companies and 20 enterprises operating in the ICT sector, involving a total of around 8000 people. The results of this survey show that IT Services Hungary performed best among both career starters and experienced IT experts: they consider our company the third most attractive workplace in the industry in Hungary.
Similar levels of brand recognition and appeal were reflected in a survey in Hungary by Randstad, which carries out research in 23 countries accounting for around three quarters of the global economy. In 2014, IT Services Hungary finished 11th on the Randstad Award list of most attractive employers drawn up on the basis of strict criteria measuring both recognition and appeal. This places it ahead of such household, major Hungarian brands as Hungarian oil company MOL, Suzuki and even Magyar Telekom.
ITSH has for many years a close relationship with Hungarian higher education institutions in order to create a marketable, practical knowledge to support the form of information technology education. ITSH Start Program for example aims to support schools engaged in IT education. The program based on educational institutions cooperation based on elements that will help both teachers and students (and their parents) in order to familiarize themselves with the Hungarian and the potential of the global ICT sector opportunities. While allowing the students to make the training skills they learned during the school immediately usable in real life, so they already gain competitive knowledge.
At the European Business Awards IT Services Hungary (ITSH) was chosen as one of the National Champion in “Employer of the Year” category in 2014/2015. The prestigious award also meant that ITSH is not only the largest ICT employer in Hungary but also the best employer in the whole Hungarian labor market.

IT Services Hungary, based on the results of the Aon Hewitt and AIESEC Hungary ‘Employer Brand Research’ for 2012, was named the country’s most recognized, and third most attractive employer among those interested in the IT industry and speaking English and German. The research examined the opinions of 27,000 career starters as well as employees with several years of work experience.

IT Services Debrecen received the “Your Region Your Future” (YURA) award from the European Union. Co-operating with University of Debrecen and the local government, IT Services Debrecen received the award because of helping young adults to find employments in the region.
In spring ITSH signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Pécs for future joint projects. The company is planning to hire hundreds of additional employees in the next couple of years thereby expanding the current 3,500-employee headcount.

Another corporate and academic collaboration takes root: the joint program of IT Services Hungary and the University of Miskolc offers young people with German and English language skills IT training and long-term career opportunity.
At the beginning of the year ITSH announced the establishment of a new R&D center, resulting in some 70 new jobs. ITSH plans to hire additional staff throughout the year, adding a total of 500 employees to its 2,500-employee headcount.
ITSH sponsors the Hungarian qualification rounds and final of Europe’s largest professional competition EuroSkills, organized for 18-25 year old students and young network professionals.
Growth in the labor market in Pécs: IT Services Hungary searches for new talent in Baranya County. Hungary’s largest IT service provider seeks German-speaking staff for its expanding office in Pécs. Twenty-one people work at the site in Pécs and the company plans to hire several hundred more this year.

In February, a unique corporate and academic collaboration is established to raise the training standard for and provide marketable knowledge to Hungarian students majoring in IT engineering, systems analysis and business IT. Under the agreement, students of the University of Debrecen have the opportunity to learn through real practical examples from the company’s experts at the Affiliated Department of IT Services Hungary – all while earning credits toward their degrees.
IT Services Hungary Kft. provides a HUF 30 million grant to the Debrecen Térségi Integrált Szakképző Központ és Oktatási Szolgáltató Közhasznú Társaság (Regional Integrated Vocational Training Center and Educational Public Service Company) (TISZK). Debrecen TISZK uses this grant to fund the development of the German and English language skills of the students of two high schools of the eight secondary vocational education institutions involved in the company’s activity – András Mechwart High School of Engineering and Information Technology and Sámuel Brassai Technical High School.
IT Services Hungary goes to great lengths to support the language training of employees, for which it wins HUF 83 million in European Union subsidies. As part of the project, 100 ITSH employees succeed in developing their English and German language skills, scoring an average of 90% on the final exam.

IT Services Hungary launches its own gallery by the name of IT for Art in its office building in Debrecen, thus hosting exhibitions of young, talented artists. The exhibitions change every six to eight weeks.ITSH reaches a headcount of 2,000 employees, making it Hungary’s largest IT service provider.
ITSH now has 2,000 employees thus the company becomes the largest ICT employer in the country.
As of December, the site in Debrecen is Eastern Hungary’s first official test center to administer tests required to obtain certifications established by global companies, including leading IT companies such as Novell, Oracle, SAP, and Cisco Systems.

In the middle of the summer, Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai opens the new Debrecen office building located in Knowledge Park. The HUF 4 billion investment represents outstanding value in many ways: 60% of the entire area of the property is green, 400,000 meters of cable ensure a high level of data security and fulfillment of technological requirements, a high level of availability is provided 24/7, and the building is also accessible to the handicapped. In September 2009, as the result of the continuous, joint professional work with the University of Debrecen dating back several years two IT specializations are launched that provide non-IT majors with language skills the opportunity for special IT training. From September of 2009, all students of the University of Debrecen have the option of choosing one of the two specializations launched under the auspices of the IT Faculty (ITF) with the support of IT Services Hungary (ITSH). The two specializations (operating systems and networks) are worth 50 credits each and can be completed in four semesters.
András Mechwart High School of Engineering and Information Technology and Sámuel Brassai Technical High School launch two-year accredited (NQR) IT trainings, which with the support of IT Services Hungary offers advanced IT training, a competitive profession, and career opportunity.

At the beginning of the year, the official opening of the office in Debrecen takes place at Vár utca. Due to the rapid increase in staff, the company soon starts the design and construction of a new office building, as ITSH’s employee headcount this year reaches 1,500 people. The College of Nyíregyháza and ITSH launch a joint cooperative training at the end of 2007. As a result of the agreement, final-year students admitted to the seven-month training are given the opportunity to acquire the basic knowledge and skills necessary in the international IT service industry.
IT Services Hungary wins the “Investor of the Year” award. The aim of the “Investor of the Year” award established in 2005 is to recognize the companies, as well as the organizations and local governments supporting them, which in a given year contributed the most to the development of the Hungarian economy and employment.
In September, the András Mechwart High School of Engineering and Information Technology in Debrecen launch an accredited (NQR certified – National Qualifications Register) IT training sponsored by IT Services Hungary. The purpose of the training aimed at high school graduates is for students to learn a popular profession in the form of practice-oriented education, thus enhancing their employment prospects. The class starts with 23 students who, if they pass the examination, will be given the opportunity to learn IT network installation and operation and obtain international qualifications (CCNA, WLAN) as part of the Cisco Networking Academy Program. The instruction takes place in the computer room equipped with network devices, which the school modernized using the HUF 3 million development grant provided by ITSH.
In December the new mailing system is handed over to the University of Debrecen IT Faculty, purchased using a grant from IT Services Hungary. The UD IT Faculty used the HUF 2.5 million in funding to purchase Lotus Domino 8.0.2. server software and the accompanying desktop client (120 licenses). As a result, the work of all of the faculty’s full-time employees is assisted by the world’s leading enterprise-class collaboration software.

On behalf of the Hungarian government, János Kóka signs a memorandum of understanding regarding the long-term cooperation involving IT Services Hungary and T-Systems. As a result of continuous development, the senior management of T-Systems and ITSH decides to expand to Hajdú-Bihar County. Hundreds of IT jobs are announced in Budapest and at the new site in Debrecen.

IT Services Hungary (ITSH) was established with a site in Budapest as a 100% Hungarian subsidiary of T-Systems International.