13-15 November 2020

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions is inviting students to an online ideathon. Take a chance, participate remotely, and bring an innovative solution to help change the world for the better!

WHAT IS futuRE:build?

It’s an international idea competition for students who are willing to make the world a better place using their creative intelligence, innovative ideas, and novel solutions. The event will take place online between November 13-15. You will brainstorm ideas and create a concept with your existing team, solo, or form a new team with others. Seasoned experts will be there to guide and mentor you along the way, if you need it.


We aim to provide solutions to the burning issues of a rapidly changing, post-pandemic world with your help, focusing on four distinct areas of life. Expand the categories for examples.

Methods of teaching remotely

Avoiding the confusing landscape of multiple learning tools

Ethical education on how to keep the rules at home?

Remote diagnosis

Online medical advice

Keeping safe in hospitals

Aiding the collective mental recovery of mankind

Volunteering: helping your neighbors and local community

Rebuilding a transformed social life

Entertainment in the online age: concerts, festivals, sport events, etc.

New ways to reuse unused offices

Solutions to support the gig economy

Changing the 5-day work paradigm

Supporting small enterprises and farmers


13 November, 2020 - Friday

10:00 - Opening ceremony

10:30 - 20:00 - Mentoring sessions

23:59 - First draft submission deadline

14 November, 2020 - Saturday

10:30 - 18:00 - Mentoring sessions

20:00 - Second draft submission deadline

15 November, 2020 - Sunday

10:00 - Submission deadline

15:00 - Live pitch

17:00 - Closing ceremony


Each Category Winner will receive a prize of € 2,500*.

The Event Winner will receive an additional € 2,500 for a total of € 5,000*.

Furthermore, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions will assist the Event Winner in realizing their idea!

* Prize subject to local tax laws in certain countries.

Why are we doing this?

Education, research and innovation – the three vertices of the knowledge triangle – are key to how we learn, how we work and how we protect our future.

We believe innovation is an exceedingly important factor of shaping our future. Beyond fueling sustainable competitive advantage of businesses it also plays a pivotal role in addressing the current and future challenges of our society, healthcare and education systems.

Our aim now is to rally talented students of Europe and give them the opportunity to introduce, promote and realize their ideas while they become part of the international innovation network of Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions.

In this great endeavor we partner with European Commission’s initiatives such as the European Innovation Area, we join forces with our business partners, we call to action research organizations and we count on the support of our partnering universities. Join us and shape Europe’s future with us!

Mariya Gabriel

Mariya Gabriel is the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education, Youth and Sport. She is the ambassador of futuRE:build Ideathon, who will be opening this year’s event.

Her main priorities are excellence in research, innovation and education. She was elected Member of the European Parliament (MEP) in 2009, 2014 and 2019 and is a board member of the United Nations youth programme Generation Unlimited (GenU).

Join us to solve the problems of our world.


Don't hesitate to register now and join our Slack channel, which is the main communication platform for the ideathon.


I have an idea, what do I need to do?

  1. Find your teammates. Or apply solo, and ask to be added to a brand new team if you want. Lone wolves are also welcome.
  2. Register!
  3. Join us on November 13 and start brainstorming.
  4. Work on your solution with your team via Slack.
  5. Feel free to request mentoring on your project from experts.
  6. Submit your project video by 10:00 on November 15
  7. Take home your prize!

How can I submit my project?

To submit your project create a 2-minute video pitch, upload it to YouTube and link it on the submission form, along with some written information on your solution. The video may contain a speech, a live app demo (if you have one), some cool animation, etc...whichever fits best.

What does the evaluation method look like?

The jury will evaluate your project based on the 2-minute video pitch. Four Category Winners will be announced, who will be doing a 5-minute live pitch in the final round.

Do I keep the intellectual property rights to my project?

Of course, you will keep all rights to your project.

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Please contact us at the email address below for any assistance or join our Slack workspace and we will help you out.

Where is the futuRE:build Ideathon organized?

The event is held 100% online. We use an open Slack workspace as the main platform for communication and Junction App for the hackathon submissions.

How do I register as an individual?

Just simply register via the Junction site and choose No when asked if you’re applying as a team.

What about team size?

A team size can be between 2 to 5 people. You can have up to 5 or only 1 team member as you wish, it’s up to you. If you’re looking for brand new team members, head to Slack. The event is held 100% online.

How do I register as a team lead or as a team member?

Through the DT-ITS website link that forwards you to a 3rd party registration tool.

As a team lead:

  1. Registering via the Junction site, choose Yes when asked if you’re applying as a team.
  2. Click the ☰ icon in the top left corner of the page and go to Team page.
  3. Click „Create a new team”.
  4. The platform will generate a unique team code. Send this to your team members using mail or any other method. It is not possible to share the code directly via Junction.
As a team member:
  1. Registering via the Junction site, choose Yes when asked if you’re applying as a team.
  2. Click the ☰ icon in the top left corner of the page and go to Team page.
  3. Insert the code to „Join an existing team”. If you haven’t received a code from your team lead, ask them to re-check these instructions.


Here are some highlights from previous events:


Kovács Péter

Kovács Péter

Co-Founder of Global Startup Awards & Startup Safari

My ultimate mission is to participate in the creation of a better integrated and globally interconnected startup ecosystem. To learn more about me, check: www.xo.company

Pistyur Veronika

Pistyur Veronika

CEO at Bridge Budapest and a General Partner at Oktogon Ventures

"I am a pragmatic idealist, who believes in empowerment, knowledge transfer and has the experience how young, innovative leaders can catalyze changes in society, as the board member of Startup Hungary. Furthermore, I am the CEO at Bridge Budapest and a General Partner at Oktogon Ventures."

Prekopcsák Zoltán

Prekopcsák Zoltán

Data Team Lead at Prezi

I have spent the past 10 years in startups either as a founder or a technology leader. Currently, I am leading the Data team at Prezi.

Gergely Hodicska

Gergely Hodicska

VP of Engineering at Bitrise, Co-Founder of CraftHub

I like putting together and optimizing systems, and learning and discovering new connections. I’ve done this as well as a developer (e.g. for the world’s 30th busiest website or the largest live stream service) and have been doing so for some time as a leader. Continuous improvement is important to me, and to create an environment where everyone has room to grow and fulfill their potential. I like when the collaboration reaches a level where the whole is much more than the parts together. And to have a culture where only the idea matters, not the person who has that idea. I used to be the VPoE at Ustream and now I lead the development in the same role at Bitrise. I am working to make both our development team and the whole company a real learning organization.

Tivolt Zoltán

Tivolt Zoltán

Innovation Evangelist at Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions

In the past 20 years I have been working in leadership roles of various international corporations but during my career I also had the chance to experience the startup world. I learned the sobering realities of the market and I understood the power of well-written business cases and positive ROI plans. Today I work as innovation lead at DT-ITS, my area of interest is idea incubation. I seek the opportunities to work with creative minds, young talents and innovation champions who build the products and services of tomorrow.

Ozsvald Eszter

Ozsvald Eszter

Founder and CTO of Notch

Eszter Ozsvald is the founder and CTO of Notch, a motion-tech company based in New York and Budapest. Notch serves as a platform for developers, researchers and entrepreneurs to understand and analyze human motion, and build products and apps on top of the 3D motion sensing technology. Their latest initiative, YogaNotch, helps yoga practitioners to move better with real-time and personalized feedback, it gives them an innovative tool to analyze and improve their yoga technique.

Bob Tornquist

Bob Tornquist

Customer Focused & Outcome Based Product Leader (ex Prezi, Tesco, Amazon)

Seasoned product leader with experience delivering customer value across retail and productivity sectors and enjoys collaborating with badass problem solvers.

Tilesch György

Tilesch György

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at Ipsos
Global AI Expert, AI Author at BetweenBrains

I am a senior tech & innovation executive, consultant and author (BetweenBrains), specialized in AI strategy, governance, policy, ethics, and impact. I live in California and work with governments, corporations, think tanks, startups and the social sector globally. I am an advocate for Public Interest Technology.

Kilián Zoltán

Kilián Zoltán

Director, Government Industry Solutions at Microsoft

Agile, performance-driven ICT executive with proven track record of leading sales teams in complex multinational environments. Can help individuals to create their professional identity, develop essential competence in their role and build the “political” skills to successfully negotiate the world of work.

Pálóczi Tamás János

Pálóczi Tamás János

Head of Design Hub, Deutsche Telekom

An digital innovation enthusiast with 20 years of experience in trying to make our world to be a better place by simply listening to the customer, and trying to help accomplishing his/her needs.

Száday Balázs

Száday Balázs

freelancer - Strategic Planner and Service Designer

I haven’t been having the best and most original ideas, so I rather help people with great ideas to succeed. Finding the best perspective of their concept (positioning / value proposition), finding their most dedicated group of people (target group), and nurturing the relationship with them (communication strategy). In my carreer I’ve been doing strategic planning, branding and service design in communication agencies, working with big multinational brands, small companies and startups too.

Dr. Kiss-Pápai Levente

Dr. Kiss-Pápai Levente

Resident Doctor, Semmelweis University

As a practising medical doctor and a student in data science, I enjoy getting intertwined with innovation and digital healthcare. Regular hackathonist, both as team member and as mentor.

Koleszár Szilvia

Koleszár Szilvia

CO-Founder & CEO, Skool
Idea-generator, Budapest School

A LogMeIn-nél 7 év át azon dolgoztam, hogy minél tehetségesebb szakemberek kerüljenek a nemzetközileg is sikeres start-up cég csapatába. 2014-ben 7 hónapot töltöttem az Egyesült Államokban egy kutatóösztöndíjjal, ahol betekintést nyertem több külföldi szervezet és vállalkozás életébe, amelyek nagymértékben inspiráltak. Szenvedélyesen hiszek a jövőben, a technológia világában, a gyerekekben és azon dolgozom, hogy a megtanulják a lehető legtöbbet kihozni magukból. A Skool alapítója és ügyvezetője vagyok. Emellett a Budapest Schoolban egy új kísérleti osztály és iskola, egy szoftverfejlesztő technikum kialakításán dolgozom. Területek: design thinking, gyerekek, programozás, oktatás, non-profit. Közösségfejlesztés, kommunikáció, Oktatás, Business model, go-to-market, scaling, Sales strategy, CSR

Dr. Bodoky György

Dr. Bodoky György

Head of Clinical Oncology,
Szent László Teaching Hospital

Practicing medical oncologist, head of the oncology department at St Laszlo Hospital. Founder and Honorary President of the scientific association "Hungarian Society of Clinical Oncology" and mentor of patient advocacy group "Gyógyulj Velünk" and founder of patient educational jounal Rakgyogyitas". Frequent member of scientific committes of international and national scientific congresses and invited speaker/chairman on congresses in USA, Japan and EU. Strongly believe in the value of innovation in healthcare and open for new ideas.

Király Zsolt

Király Zsolt

Associate Professor,
Budapest Metropolitan University

#positivedeviant #corporateguerrilla #rebelschoolbuilder #associateprofessor I’m passionate one with 10 000+ hours experience in Learning and Development (higher education, training, business coaching, mentoring) and 10 years of project experience (human, organizational and social innovation) in domestic and international environment. Furthermore, I’m the Head of HR (BSc) Program @Budapest Metropolitan University.

Orosz Györgyi

Orosz Györgyi

Trainer, communications consultant,
growth mindset expert

I can help others in communication and growth mindset.

Tarbaj Péter

Tarbaj Péter

IT Director (CIO) at Nemzeti Média- és Hírközlési Hatóság, Senior Project Manager at BT

Executive with significant experience in building and running IT service provider organisations, fostering innovation projects. Strong background xp in various fields around IT: development, operations, business continuity, IT security, program and project management, strategy development and execution

Dr. Csonka László

Dr. Csonka László

Senior Research Fellow at Budapest Business School & Researcher at IKU Innovation Research Centre

I have been a university researcher during my whole career dealing with various issues related to science, technology and innovation policy. Currently I am member of the Centre of Excellence for Cybereconomy (BBS) where we are doing scientific research on the socio-economic impacts of the 4th industrial revolution.

Gyenge László

Gyenge László

Head of Service Delivery Unit at Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions

Originally I graduated as an economist, worked 5 years in Trade & Catering, 7 years in online & print media and over 10 years in IT. I am a big fan of alternative energies and the electric revolution which might give us and our next generations the chance to live in a healthier world

Björn Radde

Björn Radde

Head of Digital Marketing at T-systems International

I am an eCommerce obsessed digital native, digital innovator, influential leader and mentor for digital marketing!

Rethi Gábor

Rethi Gábor

Faculty Director of International Affairs at Budapest Business School

Currently, I am teaching at the Faculty of Finance and Accountancy, Budapest Business School. My main teaching profile is about service management and cross-cultural management. I am visiting lecturer in Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) and Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Medellin, Colombia). I like coffee :) and I also have contacts with the coffee business.



Károly Varga

Károly Varga

futuRE:build Ideathon Info and Registration