What is the Big Azure Day event?

An online event with interesting and up-to-date talks from experts from Microsoft, T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions.


Big Azure Day 3 June 2021

Time Program Speaker/Leader Duration Company
9:00-9:05 Welcome Speech Árpád Jorzsits 5 min DT-ITS
9:05-9:15 Microsoft Mesh and Mixed Reality Márk Szabó 10 min Microsoft
9:15-9:35 Fireside chat about Microsoft Mesh Márk Szabó
Zsolt Mihályfi
20 min Microsoft
9:35-10:00 Mastering Cloud Migration Károly Oravec 25 min DT-ITS
10:00-10:05 Break 5 min
10:05—10:35 Azure Arc Enabled Servers
and SQL Governance
Jonathan Vella 30 min Microsoft
10:35—11:00 Azure Journey Martin Forch 25 min T-Systems
11:00—11:45 Panel Discussion Árpád Jorzsits
Jonathan Vella
Károly Oravec
Mark Szabo
Martin Forch
45 min

A Tour Guide for Azure Products & Services

Microsoft Azure has become a de facto standard for software development and a platform for business-critical applications in many enterprises and institutions. This shift is affecting all areas of the business.

Compared to the past, when all IT decisions were made by the IT department, today the business departments implement their own solutions and run software development projects. Many of these solutions are being built in the cloud due to scalability and speed.

But where do you start to get the most out of Microsoft Azure?

Like any journey, a cloud journey begins with good planning and preparation. Microsoft has created a very good guide with “Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework” that covers all relevant aspects.

It is comparable to a good travel guide for a trip to a city you have never been to before. But as always, the best tips and tricks are not to be found in a written document.

You have to talk to the locals or take a city tour with an experienced tour guide who knows the area by heart.


As Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions, we - the organizers of the event - represent the values of client centricity, value creation, knowledge and continuous professional improvement, next to curiosity in new technologies and we believe in the power of working in teams, as well as the positive effect of getting things done as fast and as efficient as possible.

Our mission is to deliver future digitization and as the main goal of our vision, we deliver E2E ICT services for Deutsche Telekom and our Customers as the trusted partner.

We are highly committed to bring the latest technologies to the use of our clients, such as Public Cloud. If you’d like to find out more about our us and our open positions, visit our career page.

Talks and Speakers

9:00—9:05 Welcome Speech

Árpád Jorzsits Head of Public Cloud

Árpád is the Head of Public Cloud at Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions. He is the founder and organizer of the Hungarian communities of Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

9:05–9:35 Microsoft Mesh and Mixed Reality

Level of presentation: 100 (Introductory)

The talk will be about Microsoft Mesh and VR, the brand-new Mixed Reality solution. Microsoft Mesh enables you to feel the presence and share experiences from anywhere on any device.

Márk Szabó Cloud Solution Architect

Mark started his career in Microsoft's student program six years ago, and as a Cloud Solution Architect, he helps Independent Software Vendors and System Integrators use Microsoft's cutting-edge services to create industry-leading solutions.

Zsolt Mihályfi CEO

360World Linkedin

Zsolt is a Mixed Reality Expert, who works with amazing teams full of talented people who share the same passion to create unique experiences for people and businesses.

9:35–10:00 Mastering Cloud Migration

Level of presentation: 100 (Introductory and overview)

To achieve our customers’ cloud objectives, T-Systems have developed a holistic transformation approach, based on our proven Cloud Migration Framework. During the presentation Károly will try to find answers for important and frequently asked questions in this area.

Károly Oravec Azure Stream Lead

Károly is CMF Lead Architect for Azure in Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Hungary. He acquired a deep understanding of Azure in Microsoft Ireland as Cloud Solutions Architect.

10:05—10:35 Azure Arc Enabled
Servers and SQL Governance

Level of presentation: 200 (Intermediate)

Jonathan will give a speech about Azure Arc, one of Microsoft’s newest Azure services that allows users to centrally manage multiple environments across on-premises, edge, and multicloud. As users are now able to extend their Azure management to any infrastructure, adopt cloud practices on premises, and run data services anywhere.

Jonathan Vella Cloud Solution Architect

With 20+ years of experience across Europe, Jonathan is currently the Cloud Solution Architect (Azure Infra) for partners in Greece, Cyprus, and Malta. He passionately leads deep technical architecture discussions with Senior Customer & Partner Executives, Enterprise Architects, IT Management and Developers to drive core infrastructure solutions and datacenter migrations.

10:35—11:00 Azure Journey

Level of presentation: 200 (Intermediate)

In this session, Martin will be your tour guide and he will share many experiences about a successful Microsoft Azure Cloud journey. He’ll focus on the technical capabilities and take a closer look at a few best practices that anyone either just starting out with Azure or an experienced Azure user should be aware of. He is looking forward seeing you at his Azure Tour.

Martin Forch Lead Architect Microsoft Cloud

Martin has been working in the IT industry for almost 20 years. During this time, he has always had a strong focus on Microsoft technologies. For a few years now, this focus has shifted completely to Microsoft Azure.

11:00–11:45 Panel Discussion

Árpád Jorzsits will be leading this exciting roundtable discussion with our Azure experts and the latest business topics.


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