OpenStack Challenges – Getting into the driver’s seat

2021 May 26.
18:00 - 20:00

We are happy to share our experiences again!

Join us in our first online OpenInfra user group event on 26th May!

We will be waiting for you with exciting topics and amazing speakers.


18:00-18:05 Welcome speech – Márton Kiss, organizer

18:05-18:35 Remote OpenStack data center in Hungary – Belmiro Moreira, CERN

18:35-19:10 Power tools to control an OpenStack Cloud – Nils Magnus, T-Systems

Language: English

About the speakers and topics

Speaker: Belmiro Moreira, CERN

Belmiro is a Computing Engineer with deep understanding of Linux Systems, Virtualization, Cloud Computing (#OpenStack, #AWS, #GCP, #Azure) and Containers technologies (#Docker, #Kubernetes). +10 years of experience in designing, deploying and maintaining a large private cloud infrastructure in a heterogenous and complex environment. He built the CERN Cloud infrastructure from 0 to more than 10k compute nodes, 30k VMs, enabling more than 4000 users across the Organization and scientists around the World to run their workloads and services.

Topic: How CERN managed a remote OpenStack data center in Hungary

This session will be focused on challenges and lessons learned about the remote Data Center infrastructures.

Belmiro will tell you how to implement critical components and challenging workflows to improve service reliability, scalability and overall user experience.

Speaker: Nils Magnus, T-Systems

Nils works as Senior Architect for Open Telekom Cloud at T-Systems International and also acts as a Community Outreach Manager. His day-to-day job is to explain the cloud to customers and users but his joy is to make everybody’s life easier. A frequent speaker at conferences and meetups, he enjoys the interaction with developers, DevOps- and system engineers as he has a lot of first-hand experience from almost 20 years in the IT business. Nils lives in Berlin, Germany but is only a TCP connection away.

Topic: Getting into the driver’s seat: Power tools to control an OpenStack Cloud

The initial encounter with cloud computing many users have is via their browser to a web-based console. While this appears convenient compared to spend some exercise rounds between your office desk and the data center or cabinet, it is a misleading and treacherous treat. The problem is that cloud native computing should actually be a synonym for automated computing. But unfortunately, using a web UI with a mouse cannot be automated very conveniently. But luckily, for an open-source based software like OpenStack, there are several ways for a user to control workload. Some are best suited for developers (like the OpenStack SDK), some are tailored for system engineers or DevOps (like Terraform or Ansible). Of course, there are also CLI clients. We welcome you to awe at the variety of tools, give some actionable hands-on examples for everybody and don’ leave without a few caveats and tips on how to select the best choice of automation.

Attendance is free of charge!