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J’DIS: Just Developers Doing Incredible Stuff

J’DIS is aiming to gather top software engineering experts in the
region and reinvents the complete lifecycle of DevOps teams.

J’DIS (standing for Just Developers Doing Incredible Stuff) will form
teams of eight, consisting of architects, senior software engineers,
senior devops engineers and a scrum master

Each expert goes through an extensive technical and cultural fit assessment as their first challenge in the J’DIS program. These newly formed teams are expected not only to drive their own products to success, but also to be the frontrunners of modern IT engineering in the telecommunication industry.

“I am super-excited about the J’DIS project because the teams we are setting up will not only drive technological innovation but also a cultural change in Deutsche Telekom.”

Gergely Jancsovics
Product Owner at
Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Hungary

“The J’DIS teams will be made up from
the top talents of the region’s software engineering industry and will enable DTIT to create the most innovative products faster than ever before.”

Örs Cseresnyés
Vice President of DTIT at
Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Hungary

What J’DIS is about
Creating Product Centric Teams

  • Become one of the J’DIS, the team of Just Developers Doing Incredible Stuff, people with entrepreneurial mindset, who turn the leading telco, Deutsche Telekom, into the leading tech company of Europe providing almost magical solutions to our Customers
  • As one of the best engineers in Hungary you will team up with seven similar professionals and work on creative, exciting strategic products of Deutsche Telekom
  • You take responsibility and take credit for your ideas and creativity and innovations that you put into your creation working from our office, from your home or another planet
  • Be as excited as we are to work with the support of Amazon Web Services (AWS) within Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions

What will you work on?

Product 1

One-of-a-kind AI-based customer support solution connecting
Deutsche Telekom with its 65 million customers.


  • Develop, deploy and maintain additional use cases for our FragMagenta customer service chat bot / voice bot, which includes
  • Creating dialog flows and intent/entity descriptions in RASA markup language (easy to understand)
  • Implementation of backend connectors in Python and/or JavaScript (node.js)
  • Support in augmenting the bot platform
  • “Voiceification” --> voice-enablement of current chat use cases using speech recognition and speech synthesis
  • Connect new channels
    (Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat etc.)
  • “You build it – you run it”

Tech Stack

  • RASA conversational bot platform (not a must, but definitely a plus, can also be learned “on the job”)
  • Python and/or JavaScript (Node.js)
  • Understanding of Docker, Kubernetes and Alpine Linux
  • Redhat OpenShift @ AWS
  • AWS services (e.g. RDS)
  • Gitlab (Magenta CI/CD)
  • ReadyAPI
  • ElasticSearch, Kibana, Graylog, Grafana
  • Jira, Confluence Wiki
  • OpenShift@AWS

Product 2

Integrate the centrally developed service and sales application for
the whole DTIT landscape as in ten European countries.


  • Develop, deploy and maintain additional use cases for our OneApp Integration HAL API Framework
  • Creating integration API’s which connect the Frontend and BFF layers of OneApp Europe to the German Telekom IT landscape
  • One App is a centrally developed service & sales app
    (“develop once, run anywhere”)
  • With a good range of functions and high configurability
  • OneApp Germany takes care of the connection of the OneApp in Germany, i.e. the integration into the IT landscape of Deutsche Telekom IT.

Tech Stack

  • Java 11, SpringBoot, Gradle, Maven, Gitlab
  • Cloud-Native Development, Kubernetes, Grafana, EFK
  • Jira & Confluence
  • Login-, Profile-, Postpaid & Prepaid Consumption functionalities for customers
  • Develop & Integrate HAL-APIs to Display Bill and Collection Status information
  • Develop & Integrate HAL-APIs to Display Account History
  • EnableAuto TopUp functionality
  • Support in setting up and maintaining appropriate cloud infrastructure on AWS and CaaS
  • RestAPI

Product 3

360 degrees support application with the focus on offer and
purchase processes corresponding to the customer journey.


  • The DigiHub PHANTOM manages the inventory for the entire Deutsche Telekom network to your home. We focus on the speed and reliability of the Internet connection, ensuring that customers get the best possible solution for your internet that is available to you. The best possible customer experience is our benchmark for success. 
  • We focus on the "offer" and "purchase" processes/steps of the customer journey that correspond to the pre-order and order processes. In particular, the topic of "availability check" is one of the top 3 strategic topics of DTAG.
  • The new services “availability” (TMF 645 -- Service Qualification) and “customer location” (TMF673 – Geographic Adress Management) have a direct impact on our DT customers. They will be used by all consumers and portals like DT MagentaView or external partners (like ImmoblienScout24, Check24 and others) - to provide a uniform availability check for all fixed net access connections options and a central data base for customer location information.

Tech Stack

  • Java Script with Go JS / AngularJS Framework
  • Java / Python
  • Postgres SQL, Oracle SQL
  • Camunda BPM
  • Docker, ArgoCD, Argo Workflow
  • GitLab, Quay/ Docker registry
  • Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) - Spoon/Kettle
  • Spring / Spring Data / Spring Boot
  • Collaboration: Confluence, Jira, Slack
  • Cloud platforms (AWS, DT CaaS [Kubernetes based])
  • Tele-Management Forum (TMF) API’s

What awaits you at DT-ITS?

Join our forces of elite developers and work at a place where personal and professional growth is already guaranteed.

Are you interested in new technologies? Solution orientation and teamwork is important to you? Here, you’ll have the opportunity to achieve more with competitive remuneration, while working in a team where not just work connections but also friendships are made.


Highly Competitive Salary,
Paid Rewards and Bonuses

As we look for the best, you’ll be provided highly competitive salary, annual / quarterly rewards and project performance bonuses

Professional Conferences,
International Environment

You’ll have the opportunity to visit or give presentations at professional conferences, be part of projects with well-known and acknowledged multinational companies

Comprehensive Insurance

We provide Comprehensive occupational life and accident insurance for all of you right from your first day of work.

Courses and Trainings

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a bunch of trainings (leadership trainings, hard and soft skill trainings, language trainings)


You’re more than welcome at our corporate, sectoral and group level events (team buildings, workshops, DT-ITS pub, Year End Christmas event)


After your probation period, you are entitled to Cafeteria, the annual budget is 270 000 HUF gross (its annual budget will increase after 3 and 5 years)


Strongly structured and improved hiring process with pre-screening and 5 interviews with 5 different people developed in cooperation with Amazon Web Services. You will be assessed based on the Guiding Principles of DT-ITS.


You apply to the position through our website



After the pre-screening, there will be 5 interviews with 5 different people where you will have the chance to get to know everything about us and the tasks at hand.

First Contact

We inform you about the hiring process, what will happen and what to expect during the interviews.



Following this, a de-brief takes place. The decision will be made by the 5 interviewers if we would like to make the offer.


Your coding and technical skills are tested through an online link. You are going to have 3 days to complete the given tasks.



You will receive a feedback in 3 work days after the last interview from our HR department. You are also given an opportunity to share your experience with us regarding the process.

Join our forces!

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