Short-term joint staff training activities

Train the trainers is a project activity that should enhance trainers sensitivity to diversity and special needs of the potential future employees. The trainers are involved in preparation, development and implementation  of the  Elevator Development Center (EDC).

Train the trainers activity aimed at acquiring social and training skills that are needed for training, evaluating and mentoring of the candidates with special needs. 5 trainers from T-Systems Slovakia and 2 trainers from Hungarian  IT company IT took a 15 days  (3 x 5 day) interactive training led by the German CJD lectutrers. The training was implemented in 3 stages, (Phase 1: May 22. – 26., 2017, Phase 2: July 17. – 22.,2017, 3: Phase 3: September 18 -23, 2017). The first 2 phases took place in T-Systems Slovakia in Košice and the final one (field trip) was held in the seat of the German partner CJD in Frechen.

CJD specializes in VET and integration of disadvantaged young people. The trainers were introduced to the German model of assessment, training and both social and work integration of the target group that has been developed and successfully applied by the well established Christian organisation for more than 70 years. The German system excells in holistic approach, identification of specific needs of each individual and a complex individualized planning of each client’s development.  It is staffed with professionals from all relevant fields (VET, education, pedagogy, social psychology, medicine) and substantially funded by the Labour Office and regfional government.

The trainers  made a field trip to community workshops GWK (Gemeinnuetzige Werkstätten Kolín) that is a recognized carrier of workshops, residential and outpatient living assistance for people with disabilities where people with multiple disablilties are involved even in production of breaks for Ford Motor Company. The trainers were inspired by the on site visit where they could see how people with multiple disabilities can contribute in the work process and can live a meaningful work life.