Development and Testing of Intellectual Outputs (VPAC, EDC)

Vocational Potential Assessment Center (VPAC) is planned to be a pilot diversity-sensitive assessment center – a set of assessment methods and activities to assess candidates and/or in such a manner that being different does not turn into a disadvantage, and so that diversity and new perspectives can be recognized and appreciated as a valuable potential to the organization. The newly designed and adopted VPAC model will serve as a couching tool which will navigate the participating candidates upon their individual performance results. They will be offered various career pathways either within the involved IT company, its development programs or alternatively through other project partners (CF) and associated partners (Labor Office).

Vocationa Potential Assessment Center  was tested on the pilot project group.  14 candidates were recommended to proceed to the EDC – Devlopment Center.  12 of them registered and 6 of them have based on the set accomplisment criteria completed the 10 weeks intensive incompany training led by 5 internal trainers. (November 6, 2017 – January 30, 2018).

The Elevator Development Center (EDC) is a further step of the career development model. It builds on the VPAC performance results of the participants. Its role is to establish specific development measures for the participants to meet the future career requirements. It is used for mapping the competencies and talents of the participants and defining their future development plans. The EDC trainers had developed 3 in-company training programmes focused on an intensive preparation for work positions within the IT sector which will respect specific needs of employees with disabilities. The EDC (Elevator Development Center) pilot testing was completed on January 30, 2017 by VPAC 2 which assessed the potential of the 6 EDC graduates for the opened work positions.

5 out of the 6 were recommended to continue with IT professional career.

Target Group: We have recruited  14 (out of 45 registered candidates) who have been assessed to have a good potential for development and integration into the IT sector environment.  11 of them were candidates with some kind of physical disability. They were also tested for the level of their knowledge and skills in the three streams: language skills (English and/or German), IT Skills and Soft Skills.