About the Event

DevFest events are community-led developer events hosted by Google Developer Groups and partner companies around the globe.

DevFest 2021 conference brings together hundreds of developers for a technical learning in a virtual environment.

The online event is organized by the Google Cloud Budapest community & Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Hungary in collaboration with the GDG Budapest community.

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(5 minutes)
Welcome Speech
Árpád Jorzsits – DT-ITS
(25 minutes)
Protecting against Data Exfiltration with VPC Service Controls
Dr. Nabil Hadj-Ahmed - Jellyfish (Google Cloud)
(25 minutes)
Streaming data with Google
Cloud: Dataflow, Bigtable &
Compute Instance
Levi Orta Caro – T-Systems International
(5 minutes)
(25 minutes)
Different ways to use IaC on
GCP for Organizations
Kristóf Helmrich & Tamás Szebeni – DT-ITS
(25 minutes)
IaC patterns and anti-patterns
Vitaliy Zhhuta – EPAM
(5 minutes)
(25 minutes)
An Introduction to Vertex AI
Péter Ripka – DXC Technology
(40 minutes)
Panel Discussion with *all the speakers

*DXC is represented on the panel discussion by Zoltán Vágó
Host: Árpád Jorzsits – DT-ITS

Speakers and Talks

Dr. Nabil Hadj-Ahmed
Protecting against Data Exfiltration with VPC Service Controls
9:05-9:30 (25 minutes)
This session will clarify how to securely connect to GCP services and configure a deployment that isolates and protects resources from external access and from other GCP resources, ultimately preventing data from exfiltrating a company’s defined security perimeter.

About the Speaker
Nabil is a google cloud authorised trainer, a cloud architect and a google cloud developer expert with over 20 years of experience, working in real-world, challenging, enterprise, and demanding environments. He facilitates google cloud training and brings a wealth of experience to enhance the learning experience of google cloud.

Nabil holds a Ph.D. and an MSc from Leeds Beckett University where he was also teaching during his doctoral research. He also manages and speaks at Google Developers groups, organising monthly meetup events and workshops focussing on google technologies.

Levi Orta Caro
Streaming Data with Google Cloud: Dataflow, Bigtable and Compute Instance
9:30-09:55 (25 minutes)
Keeping an eye on the most important company information can help organizations manage their key performance indicators (KPIs) on a daily basis. Streaming data can be monitored in real time, allowing companies to know what is occurring at every single moment. How does Google process real-time/streaming data? Let's figure it out together.

About the Speaker
Levi is a Cloud Architect at T-Systems International. He has worked in Google Cloud for the past 4 years and is certified as Professional Cloud Architect and Data Engineer. Before joining T-Systems, he led the data engineering team at Trakken and worked as a developer. He helps developers and customers how to best use and architect solutions for Google Cloud.

Kristóf Helmrich
Tamás Szebeni
Different Ways to Use IaC
on GCP for Organizations
10:00-10:25 (25 minutes)
Google Cloud Platform allows multiple ways to provision and manage resources via IaC. CI/CD pipelines in Cloud Build and Private Catalog Solutions are able to handle automated resource management (e.g. Terraform scripts), however the use cases could be different. What is common? What's the difference? When to use which one? We'll cover the benefits and limitations, compare the functionalities, so that the participants can understand the power of these GCP products.

About the Speakers
Kristóf is a GCP Cloud Architect focusing on consultancy and infrastructure development, while Tamás is a GCP Cloud Architect with full-stack developer background.

Vitaliy Zhhuta
IaC patterns and anti-patterns
10:25-10:50 (25 minutes)
What is a pattern and anti-pattern, how it's related to Infrastructure as Code. Tree, balcony, and helicopter view on IaC. Structuring Terraform code, DRY principle, Swim-lanes, and Terraform state file, generating Terraform code instead of writing. "Patterns are out there; just choose the right one."

About the Speaker
Vitaliy has strong technical background: more than 15 years of experience managing server infrastructures and data-center operations across multiple platforms. He effectively plans, installs, configures and optimizes the IT infrastructure to consistently achieve high availability and performance.

Péter Ripka
An introduction to Vertex AI
10:55-11:20 (25 minutes)
Did you know you can build and deploy ML models faster than ever within Google Cloud's latest managed ML platform? Whether you're a seasoned ML engineer or someone just starting with AI, this unified experience won't let you down when it comes to building your ML solution using your custom code or one of the pre-trained models. Let's find out together what Vertex AI has to offer!

About the Speaker
Roughly 3 years ago he made a career shift to become a programmer and joined the amazing BI team of DXC Technology Hungary. Ever since he’s been working with clients from the telco sector mainly using traditional data warehouse and cloud (GCP) based solutions.

Zoltán Vágó
Panel Discussion
11:20-12:00 (40 minutes)
Gain valuable insight into business updates from some of the most experienced cloud experts in the field.

About the Speaker
Zoltan has been working in data warehousing and BI during the past twenty years, mostly in the mobile Telco sector. He joined DXC five years ago and got involved in GCP-based analytics projects as an architect.

Árpád Jorzsits
Panel Discussion
11:20-12:00 (40 minutes)
Gain valuable insight into business updates from some of the most experienced cloud experts in the field. The panel discussion will be led by Árpád Jorzsits.

About the Host
Árpád is the Head of Public Cloud at Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions. He is the founder and organizer of the Hungarian communities of Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.


Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions represents the values of client centricity, knowledge development and professional improvement. The Public Cloud portfolio unit maximize the business value creation by using the latest cloud technologies.

We offer Open Telekom Cloud (OTC) as an own IaaS platform, and PaaS / SaaS solutions across all major leading providers: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

We believe in learning and adopting new technologies and in the power of working in teams.

Our mission is to deliver future digitization and E2E ICT services for Deutsche Telekom and our customers.

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